Daylight analysis ''the result is null''

Hello, I have open the Surface by surface geometry preparation for daylight simulation I(,0) file to test it on my grasshopper file , I have put the materials and click run but the result is null and I have an error in run daylight analysis . here are the files and screenshots(

Any help please?
Thank you
P.s.:To run properly the gh file youll need to have installed Pufferfish & Fox plugins!!!

Some geometry is not referenced and therefore you have “Null” values in HbObjects you are supplying to the Daylighting component.

Please also read this

Dear devang
Thank you for your fast response. The geometry you mentioned is totally fine, i think that you dont have pufferfish & fox plug-ins and thats why its not referenced when you open it. Maybe if i internalize it, would be enough ?
Best regards
Raphael P.

Here its internalized,so you dont have to install fox and pufferfish.

I gave it a try. The file does not even load on my i7-8GB machine. Will see if I can try on a better machine.

Its true that its a heavy file…My desktop is i5-8gb ram and it needs at least 10 minutes when i open it.I’ll see if i can manage to clear it.

I tried on i7-32GB. The file doesn’t load even after I set all the processes to False.

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devang thank you for your help,its true that my file is a mess.However, I figured out a solution,it appeared that the problem was my testGeometry (honeybee_generate test points) referenced breps. The error dissapeared when i connected ref.breps with boundary surfaces & then with brep join.