Daylight_Antarctica_weather file issue

Hi team,

I’ve been wanting to run a daylight optimization of a test typical room for a project in Antarctica.
When I run a simulation, no results pop up and the ill. file is empty.

Replacing a weather file by something else (Sydney), everything runs fine.

With LB, I looked in the file and can’t see anything wrong about it, apart from 0 illuminance for several months - which is correct…
I tried to run the scenario of only a couple of daylight months and even that doesn’t give me any results.

Gh file attached.
Box (539.2 KB)

Would greatly appreciate your advice.

It appears that Daysim, which is running the annual calculations, fails for that specific epw file.

It might have something to do with all the zero values for Direct Normal and Diffuse Horizontal radiation during daytime in the WEA file for Antartica. It seems that gendaylit, the program referred to in the above error message, fails if both direct-normal and diffuse-horizontal radiation are zero. See the error message in the screencap below:


Although I am not sure if it would fix the issue, you could try replacing the daytime zero values for Diffuse Horizontal radiation with 1 (which would imply an overcast day with barely any light from the sky). This question might be worth posting on the Radiance forum.

(cc: @mostapha … The ill file does not get written in the second instance. )

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Thank you, Sarith!

I’ll see what Radiance say and will try to play around with the file.

Have a great day.