Daylight atounomy for half of year

Hello friends
Is it possible to calculate half of the year in the annual simulation of daylight? Suppose autumn and winter when the sun has a low-altitude angle !!
It is very important that we can analysis the values of DA at specific times.
And if this is not possible for Ladybug and Honeybee, it is a great weakness.

Pay attention to the occupancyFiles input. Probably there you can find some answers to your question …

Thank you Abraham.
In occupancyFiles, the schedule can be set on a daily basis and a time of year cannot be specified.
I checked the other parts for the annual simulation but unfortunately I did not find this feature.
Suppose there is this capability in the radiation Analysis with a component analysisPeriod, but not in the annual daylight simulation.

Hi @aligoharian. This is completely possible in Honeybee Plus. You can define hours of the year to generate customise sky matrix and that can be fed to the annual daylight simulation recipe.The results out are based on that period of time only. (75.8 KB)

I believe that the created CSV file includes 8760 values. It means that you can give 0 values for the period you don’t want. May be that this is not as straight forward as you want, but possible.


thank you so much Asisnath … with best wishes