Daylight autonomy, continious daylight autonomy,useful daylight illuminance

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does honeybee enable to analyze these items:

daylight autonomy, continuous daylight autonomy,useful daylight illuminance



Yes. Look for “Honeybee_Read Annual Result I”

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tnx I visited the page but I didn’t understand anything!

is it pyton?

I want sth like DF component in honeybee

Hi Meeee[?]. Honeybee_Read Annual Result I is a component. To calculate DA, CDA, etc you need to run an annual analysis. Here is an example that shows the process.

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Dear Mostapha

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Hi Mostapha, Thanks for the example. Here windows are defined by window-to-wall ratio; is there a way to define windows as geometry at where they are on the facade?

Look at this hydra example to see how geometry was defined.


Thanks Abraham! I am curious why we need to include glazing in the “Generate Zone Test Points” component, _HBZone.

Also, what’s the best way to set up _HBZone? I have a two-storey building, when I used the approach Mostapha provided, the daylight autonomy results only show on the 1st floor.


I’m confused with your question. I understood you want to do a daylight simulation. For that you need to define a test area (test points) where the calculations will be performed on.

If you want both floors, you need to input two (or more) test areas, so the test points will be created and calculated.