Daylight Autonomy weird Results

Hello Mostapha,

Using the Daylight Autonomy with Read Annual Results II and I get some weird distribution of the results.

Would it be possible to check the attached images to see if that 's a bug or something wrong with my input parameters?

Thank you very much!

Dimitris (185 KB)

Hi Dimitrios,

Sorry for the late reply. I just tried to check but you forgot to internalize the geometry in your file. Can you upload your file again if the issue is still there.



Now that s interesting!

I downloaded the file from our converstation and internalized the geometry and suddenly the mesh now appears correct!

I am running the analysis in a laptop with one core this time. Could that be a reason for the difference! I will re-run it in the PC I run the original analysis tomorrow and see what happens!

Thanks for taking the time too look into this!

Dimitris (185 KB)

Well, what I can see in your image should be reversed to be accurate! Let me know about the update. It might be the issue with reading the results for multiple CPUs.

Hello Mostapha,

I use the Less Than Range output as values so it makes sense to be inverted.

I tried also with the inTheRange at my desktop…and things seem to be working great.

No idea why the original weird “split” analysis occurred…If I haven t saved the image I would doubt myself it ever happened… I attach the file for future reference.

May I ask:

How much should we worry about the CreatHBSrfs alerts regarding the normal direction: "Normal direction of the surface is not expected for a FLOOR. The surface is more likely a ROOF. Honeybee won’t overwrite the type so you may need to manually flip the surface."?

Thanks once again!

Dimitris (193 KB)

Ok there it is!

I attach the file and image!

Can t really figure out what is the difference between the two files! (220 KB)

Its the Multiple Cores!!!

Arrgh! I’m re-writing read annual results components so it should be fixed during the holidays.


LOL! Apologies for the frustration! :)))

Thanks a lot Mostapha!