Daylight Can't find result for the study

hi - i have a problem with my honey bee coponent - when i use honeybee run daylight simulation - the component is gray - but when i want to use annual analysis files for get connection to read annual result - just the connection red - and the component can not make ill file!!! b the way all the component is grey without any error!!! what can i do???

1.3dm (137 KB) (540 KB)


Upload your file. Hard to say without it.


that is uploaded Abraham

The geometry is not internalized, but the problem is that you didn’t insert the HB_HB and LB_LB components.

They are a MUST for any script file.


in my file the hb hb and LB LB is inserted - i forgot to put it in the new file i inserted - because my file is very crowd of component -

and the geometry is internalize too !!! i’m wondering!!!

I think my honeybee can not find daysim and radiance on my pc - but i don’t know what to do !!!

Change the names of the windows so they don’t have blank spaces. For instance, from north window 1 to north_window_1.


Hi guys, I know that this is an old post, but I am having a very similar issue… when using honeybee, I am unable to get any daylight results out… I get the same message as you (the node Can’t find result for the study). The script worked fine on my personal machine, however, it fails on my work PC. I guess it is to do with access rights or something? Unless you have any other suggestion for troubleshooting this? Any ideas are welcome!

Thanks a lot