Daylight control sensor point

i used lightingcontrolgroup component to assign 8 points as sensor point for day lighting but when i check daylight cntrl sensor point with label zone and zone attribute it just show one central sphere as default again
why it doesn’t changed? how i can change daylight cntrl sensor point ? (because i have a courtyard form and central control point is outside the building)

you can try this component to control the daylight.

thanks for your reply
i am working on generative model and making daylight schedule as attached picture(based on @mostapha hydra example) in this way i want to assign sensor points for day lighting but it still show one central sensor point when i use label zones component.
do you know why it doesn’t work?
i am forced to change this sensor because in some form with courtyard this point is outside!

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thanks a lot @Teja5zz i changed sensor point based on your suggestion instead of using Lighting control Recipe component. it works but there is a strange issue. EUI doesn’t change when i change sensor point even in forms with courtyard (the default sensor point is outside the building).
if anybody knows why it happens please tell me how its possible?!
and why Lighting control Recipe component doesn’t work for changing sensor point?