Daylight Controlling Group in HB - Editing Issue

Dear @chris and @mostapha,

These days I am playing around with daylighting control object in E+ and HB, and I found sth important (at least to me) that I wanted to share it with you first,

As you see when you assign a daylight shading control ( venetian blinds in below case), the way you wrote the coding, it seems it automatically assigns the slat angle strategy as ‘FixedSlatAngle’ which does not allow to move the blinds according to setpoints that we define based on the controlling strategy. Therefore, results are not reliable, I just output the hourly blinds angle when I applied glare control and here is the result, the slat angle remains the same in daylit hours.

However, when I use ‘Cut-off’ angle strategy for blinds through additional strings, it works fine:


I think an input is required here to define the slat angle control strategy as well,

Am I right?


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Sorry for the late response here. Given that the blind component was already so large, I did not expose the ability to dynamically change the blind angle, setting the angle of the blinds to always be fixed. Note that schedules and shading controls can still be applied to the blinds. It’s just that these schedules and controls essentially move the shades completely up or down (essentially turning them on/off). I don’t have plans to expose the blind angle controls on any components since, as I said, the component is so large. However, when we add blinds to Honeybee[+], we will add expose blind angle controls on the API layer (so you can always make a custom component to add controls if you want). For now, the best I can recommend is writing a measure using OpenStudio API to add in controls.

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Thank you @chris for your reply … I ll check the way you suggested…

I can also offer as a solution that you edit this part of the Window Shade Generator component: .
Essentially, you can plug in your schedule names there and then add your schedules to the file with _additionaStrings.

It just comes don to whether you would prefer to hack it in Python or make a reusable Ruby script (essentially what an OpenStudio measure is).

I actually used additional strings and it works fine for me… However I ll check the openstudio measure also. … I just thought it might be a good idea to implement blind angle control that energyplus has it as three options, but honeybee component supports only the fixed one… And then I got my answer… Thank you @chris


Would you mind sharing your script to see how you did this please? :slight_smile: I also want to assign a tilt angle schedule to my blinds but I am not sure how to do so.

Thank you



Unfortunately, I cannot send the algorithm since it belongs to a paper, but the only way is to write additional strings in the way that E+ supports it. It should be in the same structure as in the first image, however you might get some errors that need to debug it by again replacing HB components with strings.


Thanks ! I’ll check out your paper too then :slight_smile: