Daylight Factor Analysis - GH definition re-calculates (re-runs) at any new insertion / change in the canvas

I have written a script that allows to generate HB Rooms, HB Apertures and HB Models for Daylight Factor analysis, using Rhino layer names and structures and extruding crvs and surfaces only.

Annoyingly (but also predicatably), at some point the script started becoming slower and, most worringly, at any new introduction in the GH canvas (e.g. a new text panel detached from everything else) would trigger a full run of the solution, including a full daylight simulation when Run toggle set to True.

This behavious seems very strange, and the only way to stop it appeared to be internalising all geometry used to create HB Apertures.
To be fair the script I wrote to select apertures, select Rhino curves based on layer names, extrude such curves based on the suffix within their layer names (the last few digits setting a window height), and move them up (ie considering a window sill) again based on a text suffix within layer names…
is a bit of a complex logic. However, I do not see why that would cause such a behaviour.

I am attaching the GH script with internalised data. (303.9 KB)

I can provide the Rhino file as well, should that be needed for troubleshooting.


Hi Andrea,

Though I can’t recreate your issue without the Rhino file, I’ve had a similar issue before and found out it’s related to the Human component Layer Table. Even though it’s disabled it’s still updating the entire canvas on an event change. Forcing the update and auto-update inputs to be False with a boolean toggle or button, even though both of them are disabled, seemed to fix the issue with my script.

Hoping this will help you.

Kind regards,

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Thank you very much @marctavenier , it seems this was the key issue in the canvas.