Daylight Factor, Difference between Honeybee Legacy and 1.3

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I’m trying to calculate the Daylight factor for LEED certification which should be a minimum of 2% for 75% of the area.
I tried to calculate in 2 different ways in HB legacy and another way in Honeybee 1.3 and I got different results.
can someone tells me why I reach different numbers with different methods?
HB Legacy manual windows: 25% area > 2% DF
HB Legacy Glazing based on Ratio: 23% area > 2% DF
HB 1.3: 28% area > 2% DF

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DF (1.1 MB)

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Hi Sahand,
I have the same issue when I compare the ‘HB Legacy’ vs ‘LBT 1.5’ results of the average daylight factor. Have you managed to solve the issue?

Just sorted this out by assigning the same radiance parameters in both versions.