Daylight factor sample file and recreating a daylight factor graph with Ladybug Tools


I am new to Daylight simulations in general and I am trying to recreate this daylight factor graph, is it possible to do it in the current Ladybug Tools? I have also tried running the sample file but I am quite unsure whether it is working correctly or not. Any advice and help on how to approach creating the graph in LBT is much appreciated, thank you so much in advance.

Daylight Factor graph

Daylight Factor sample file

Can you zip and upload the whole simulation folder? The result doesn’t look correct.

Hi Mostapha,

Here is the file
daylight_factor.rar (53.2 KB)

I downloaded this file from:
daylight factor sample
and just click true to run

I would recommend to check 2 things:

  1. The analysis plane is inside the room.
  2. The normal direction of the plane is pointing upwards.


Hi @hshidki,

You should check what’s mentioned above. Then check if your Rhino Units is set to meters.

If you want a vertical grid like in the image you shared, you can create a grid on a vertical surface as seen in the image below.

hi @hshidki

Would you be able to share the link to the study of The Green School from the image you posted?