Daylight factor simulation using ladybug tools 1.3 . different results on different computers

Hi! I’m running a daylight factor simulation using ladybug tools 1.3. I had two questions.

  1. When I set the toggle to true to run the simulation, the file stops responing and and takes a long time to start running. Does anyone know how can I fix this?

  2. I tried running the same file on two different computers and it generated completely different results.

Hi @zahabia, have you check you have the same radiance version on both computers?

This does not seem like a problem but rather just the consequences of having a large model with a lot of complex geometry. So it will take some time to write out the Radiance files before the simulation starts. You could always simplify your geometry. Alternatively, in the latest development version of the LBT plugin, you can do this “writing to Radiance” before you actually plug things into the Recipe component by writing the Model to a Radiance Folder (with the HB Model To Rad Folder component). Then, you can plug the path to that folder into the recipe (instead of the Model object) and this will save you from re-writing the Model Radiance files each time the recipe runs.

@Julioamodia89 's suggestion here is a good one. You can check the installed version of Radiance using the HB Check Versions component. You should also double-check to be sure that the Radiance parameters match between the two simulations.

Lastly, I would recommend upgrading to LBT 1.4 since there were some small beg fixes since LBT 1.3. It’s possible that one of the machines has newer Ladybug Tools core libraries and so it’s more accurate than machine using the older core libraries.