Daylight model of a Solatube

I would like to model this Solatube. Solatube 290 DS Kit (14 inch)

Do you have a component for something like this?

Hello! just reaching out again about this. I was able to model the Solatubes using this older post in this forum. something that is not clear though is if we have to model the Soletubes as round surfaces or half spheres? do we have to model the tube?
Please help, the results I am obtaining look too dark, and I am not sure they are reliable.
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My understanding is that, if you have the BSDF for this type of tube, you can just model it as a circular surface and apply the BSDF modifier to it (making sure that the surface is pointing in the correct direction so that the BSDF is oriented correctly). A Radiance expert on the forum like @mikkel can confirm.

I think they use the most confusing language there is.
They say: β€œβ€¦for a ceiling-based, top-lighting product, the Up Orientation Vector should be set to (0 1 0)”
I am interpreting this as the direction of the surface should point towards the sun reaches the solatube (up).
They also say: " * For Radiance-based models of buildings located in the Northern Hemisphere, due south is aligned with Klems input patches 4, 14, 31, 52, 76, 100, 122, 137, so the Solatube Daylighting System object (and associated BSDF data file) should be properly oriented in Daylighting Models to reflect this Optical System orientation standard.

  • Within the BSDF file, the following Input Klems patches correspond to the primary cardinal directions:
    • 137 – Due South
    • 143 – Due North
    • 140 – Due East
    • 134 – Due West"
      I am not sure how to modify make sure the BSDF is set to northern hemisphere. I am using the file as is, and the BSDF viewer shows the South, North, East and West values correctly. or at least that is what I am understanding.

Hi @Yure,

When you create the modifier with HB BSDF Modifier you can set the up-vector to (0, 1, 0).

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