Daylight Saving Time. Analysis Period

Hi everyone,

In order to take in account daylight saving time while analysing comfort during working hours in a building, I am doing the simulations in two steps- one for the winter time and the other for the summer time. This is not very efficient because in this way data and charts need post-processing.

I wonder if it would be possible to add to the Ladybug Analysis Period component the nice options that OpenStudio has on its Site tab (in the attached picture).

In case there is already a way of doing it or a workaround to this issue, please tell me.



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Hi Jorge,

We should implement daylight saving and we are in the process of getting it to work.

I assume you are looking to have this functionality for Energy simulation. You can already do it for the annual daylight calculation.


Meanwhile, you can use additionalStrings input to define daylight saving time. Here is two examples.

2nd Sunday in March, !- Start Date
1st Sunday in November; !- End Date

3/2, !- Start Date month/date
10/5; !- End Date month/date


Great! I was so focused on the comfort component that I forgot about the simulation run period…

It would be nice to have the daylight saving feature also on energy simulations, but I admit that the 3 lines of additional strings are simple enough to not make it a priority at all.

Thank you!