Daylight Savings Time and HOYS


I am creating views from the sun in Dynamo. I am trying to modify it so that it incorporates DST. There is a useful node called ‘DateTime.IsDaylightSavingsTime’. Not sure what database it is referring to, but it seems accurate for my location. My question is - if I know which dates included/excluded DST, is it as simple as adding an additional 1 hour to the HOYS for that particular date? I believe it is additional because the clocks move forward at the commencement of DST, correct?

@devang @mostapha

@mostapha @devang @chris any thoughts?

FYI the ‘DateTime.IsDaylightSavingsTime’ node uses the Windows settings to determine DST which is not ideal. This has been flagged with the Dynamo team.

@mostapha @chris is my assumption correct about DST and HOY ?