Daylight simulation fails when creating custom grid

I’m having an issue using “HB Sensor Grid” (however “HB Sensor Grid from Rooms” works): (46.1 KB)

The error report says something about “KeyError: ‘SensorGrid_1537c64f’”.

Can anyone please help?

For context, I hadn’t used LBT in a while and updated just before creating this definition.

Strangely, after running the Versioner with the last 1.4 release (1.4.97), it now works. I didn’t even restart Rhino or syncGhFile though…

Hi @MaxMarschall,

That is not strange since there recently was a major change to how the annual-daylight recipe is executed. Your model failed because it has no apertures, but such models should work (as you noticed with the earlier release). I have pushed a fix and you should be able to get it within an hour with LB Versioner. Thanks for reporting the issue.

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@mikkel I’ve tested it and can confirm that it works now for me - thanks!