Daylight simulation for dynamic facades

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I am doing the daylight simulation of kinetic shading system in my thesis project. I use a shoebox assembled with a kinetic facade (shading module of Al Bahar Towers) as a prototype to run daylight simulation in which I hope to gain the daylight metrics of Spatial Daylight Autonomy (sDA), Annual Sunlight Exposure (ASE), etc. I can get only one state result by changing the slider now . I started my experiment with the automated shading recipes to learn the workflow of simulating kinetic facades, so I want to get some suggestions on the effective workflow, particularly the definition of dynamic shading state.

009_AnnualDaylightAnalysis_III_dynamicBlinds_flipped (631.7 KB)

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Hi, I’m also trying to do some solar analysis for a kinetic facade. I wanted to know if you could pass me the file of your photo, because my facade is similar to the elements of the Al Bahar tower. I’m having trouble getting my elements to work properly with ladybug’s analytics components.

Could you please pass me the file of your photo? My work is kinda similar to this work. And I have some problems too.

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Hi, I too, have some issues. Could you kindly provide me with your file? This work reminds me a little bit of mine.

Hello, for my thesis I am also trying to do solar analysis for a kinetic front. I wanted to know if you can give me the file of your photo because my facade looks like this project. I’m having trouble getting my items to work properly with Ladybug’s analytics components.


I am doing my master’s degree in Turkey. As a thesis, I will test the effect of the kinetic front on energy and daylight performance with the honeybee and Ladybug plugins of the Grasshopper tool. I modeled the kinetic front with the grasshopper tool. I introduced the rooms of the building in grasshopper. I entered all the necessary components for the energy and sunlight simulation into the grasshopper tool. When I connect the kinetic front, the program gives an error. I can’t understand the reason for the error. Can you help me if I share the necessary files with you. I don’t have much time left to write a thesis. I need to fix the problem asap. Thanks in advance…

It is a little bit long time ago about my project. I will see if I can find the file and if it is, I will upload it.Could you please upload your file as the attachment firstly? I would see if I can help you out.

my e-mail address is ‘’
I want to share my files with you through this account. Can you reach me via this e-mail because I don’t know your e-mail address?