Daylight Simulation_HB Aperture_HB Add subface

Hello eveyone,

I was trying to run a very simple daylighting simulation using Honeybee. Once trying to connect my ‘room’ to the ‘Aperature’ which represents the curtain walls in my case through the “HB Addsub face” component, I got this error “the following sub-faces were not matched with any parent face”. Can anyone please help me solving this problem?, your response would be highly appreciated. Please find attached a Screenshot of the model .

HB Add Subface produces that warning when:

  1. The subface isn’t coplanar with any of the room’s faces.
  2. The subface touches or crosses the edge of a room face.

Based on your screenshot, I suspect you’re running into the latter condition.


i get the same error when i try to attach skylights.

Additionally, for vertical glazing, HB doesnt seem to recognize the faces even though it doesnt give any error and just shows me a 0% daylight

Thank you very much for your help. Now the problem solved :blush:

Hi coditect,
Thanks for your post.
I’m actually having the same issue here, but I think my problem doesn’t fall into either of the situations as you mentioned.

Do you have any idea why the error occured?

Thanks in advance!

is your base building attached your base model as a geo or as a brep. I have noticed if you attach it as a brep, honeybee doesnt read the subsurface