Daylight simulation sDA ASE HB+

Hello everybody!
I’m trying to set up a gh script in order to verify compliance against LEED daylight requirements option 1 (sDA and ASE) using Honeybee plus components. I don’t know what I’m going wrong, but trying to simulate the same model (it is a simple plan where I’m focusing only in one room to speed up the simulations) in other simulation tool (such as Climate Studio, Light Stanza and IES VE) I get really different results (sDA is around 15% in Honeybee while I get something aroung 99% in all the other softwares).
Can anybody help me understand what I’m doing wrong? I attach the test files to the topic so you can see how I set up the tool.

Thank you all

test office.3dm (1.4 MB) test HB .gh (555.5 KB)

Hi @mich.dimart,

The schedule is not what you intended. It includes hours during the night which causes the annual metrics to fall drastically. I get 99% sDA with the change in the image below.

Thank you @mikkel, I knew it’d been something stupid!