Daylight simulation with dynamic shading

Hi everyone,
I am running a test with internal dynamic shading and I face a problem. I want to check the effect of blind on the sDA and I want to compare sDA in both cases with and without shade.I’ve used the advanced shading control to create a blind to control glare. I’ve setup two states for blind like open (horizontal) and slant (45 degree).
After runing the simulation I have noticed that the result for sDA with shade is the same as the case with no shade. Also, the lighting control profile does not change. I don’t know how to fix it. Does anybody know where I might have made a mistake? Does anybody have any experience simulating dynamic shading to control glare in honeybee? Is Diva a good option for simulating dynamic shade?
Thanks In advanced.

dynamic shade.3dm (94.1 KB)
dynamic (743.1 KB)

I also want to know this problem. How did you solve it in the end