Daylight study ArchiCAD-GRASSHOPPER

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I post this here because I think that it might be interesting to you as well.

I’m looking forward for your comment and feedback about this tool.

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@Frank_Gergaud Thanks for your share. It is amazing work.Could you tell me some details about this research such as the engine\interface programing tool?

I’m not familiar with archiCAD, are the windows modelled as solids (similar to revit)? If so, did you implement a workflow to transfer solid -> surfaces for your simulation? The video is a bit too fast but it seems like you import the whole window elements (glazing + frame) as glazing?

And I saw DIVA being used :wink:

Hi Vhoang,

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile:

The windows are indeed modelised as solid with double surface for the glass, similar to Revit. So the script was made to get the dimensions from the ArchiCAD’s window and recreate a window based on those dimensions. Then we get one surface for the glass and a new frame based on a percentage that we set.

Don’t hesitate if you have more questions. I’ll be happy to answer.


PS: Yes DIVA was used :slight_smile:

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Hi Minggangyin,

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Absolutely, Human UI is the plug-in that was used to create this interface. Then the script was build in Grasshopper using the ArchiCAD-Grasshopper live connection tool. This last tool enable the possibility to link geometry between ArchiCAD and Grasshopper instantly.

I hope this help, please let me know if you have further question.


Hallo Sir Gergaud,

It is amazing work.
I’m very curious to know how works the “Excel Export” option!!!

There is a grasshopper tool/component/plug-in to create the table with the desired specifications or did you create it?