Daysim 4 installation issue


I managed to install Daysim 4.0.
But I am not able to launch Daysim from Windows Apps. There is no program launcher. Can advise?

The .hea model that I exported from Sketchup also doesn’t launch Daysim.

Just to add, I get this message when I tried to open the .hea file.

Its possible that there are compatibility issues with Hea files exported from Sketchup. Which plugin are you using for exporting?


Thanks for replying.

I am using Su2ds plugin for exporting. I am using Sketchup 7 as Sketch 7 allows import from CAD drawings.

Enclosed are the files exported from Sketchup.
Exported Hea File

@ghuihoon This version of Daysim is 3.1b with GUI. Daysim 4. is without GUI.

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Does anyone know where can Daysim 3.1b be downloaded from or happen to have installation files to share?