Daysim crushing while running

Hi Mostapha,

I’m using both Honeybee and Ladybug for running multiple iterations of energy simulation. During the calculation process, sometimes Daysim will crash, thereby causing the “Honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation” component to give errors while the other components for both Radiance and Energy Plus running properly.

Colin mentioned to me earlier that this problem had happened before, does anyone have clues yet what might be causing the problem?

p.s. I’m using EnergyPlus-8.4.0. Sometimes reruning the “Honeybee_Run Daylight Simulation” component will fix the problem, but it seems like impossible while “Ladybug_fly” component just keeps running the calculation running one after another even if Daysim crashes.

Hi HanShen,

Can you post your file? I will try to recreate the issue on my machine. Unfortunately DaySim can be temperamental and thats why we are going to phase it out eventually.

You could also try reducing the number of points in your geometry to see if that still causes DaySim to crash

Hi Anton,

Thanks for your reply, I actually get it to work by switching to another computer with larger ram. It seems to be a memory problem.