Daysim -dds option

Hi Honeybee team,

I was wondering if it’s possible to run the annual / daysim simulation in -dds mode, where instead of 65 sun positions the software considers 2305 sun positions? It would increase accuracy by quite a bit. (And if you use -dds -s option, you get climate-dependent sun positions).

Is there some way to hack that or would it require a big change in the simulation recipe component?

Hi Reinier,

I assume the implementation should be pretty easy but I need to double check and make sure it is really implemented to the released version of Daysim. Have you tested it?

In theory all you need to do is to add -dss and -dss -s when you are calling gen_dc and dc_illum.

gen_dc filename.hea -dds

ds_illum filename.hea -dds [-s]


I’m personally looking forward to applying 3-phase method to Honeybee soon but this should be easy enough to implement. If you can do the initial test runs and make sure the results make sense I can go ahead and add it to Honeybee.


Hi Mostapha,

Thanks for your response. I have tested it previously using DIVA and it worked well there. I will give it a test with latest version of Daysim and see if it works and let you know! 3-phase method would be exciting too!



Would love it if you shared your results and/or implementation on this!

Good luck!

Hi guys,

is it possible to do the same (somewhere) in the annualDaylightSimulation component in Honeybee without using DIVA? I can not find the way to change these parameter in the script…

Just to recap, using the standard honeybee components (Daysim analysisRecipe and DSParaneters) is not possible to chose between “classic” and “dds” format for Daysim?

Thanks a lot in advance!




You should be able to modify the batch file to make this happen but we have no plan to add it to Honeybee.

The daylight coefficient and 3-Phase method implementation, using radiance’s new utilities, is almost done. It provides similar functionalities, and much more, with a higher level of flexibility and [potentially] accuracy. We will discontinue supporting Daysim at some point soon once we make sure the daylight coefficient and 3-Phase recipes are stable.


Thanks a lot Mostapha,

very helpful and superfast response!

I will wait for this implementation so, meanwhile could be better to use E+ for solar radiation analysis cause the the sky model should be more accurate (continuous function) since it’s using Perez sky model…isn’t it?