Daysim Installer

Hi All,

I am unable to download Daysim ( Is there any chance someone has the installer and could post it in the forum. It has been like this for over a week and I can’t find any trusted sources to download it from.

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Hi,@miguel Here is a google drive link for daysim 4.0 .


Thanks, much appreciated. WiIl, l test it out tomorrow.

Thanks a lot @minggangyin for sharing this!

@mostapha That website is still down and has been so for a few weeks I think. I had a similar request from a friend of mine a few weeks ago. It might be useful to upload this on to a ladybug-tools repository on github. I have uploaded one version on github here:

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Hi,@sarith Well done!The method for upload daysim to github is pretty nice.

你好,请问方便用中国通讯方式发我一下安装包吗?谷歌网盘我打不开 谢谢🥺