Daysim occupancy schedule can't be convert to values

It seems the csv schedule file created by the Daysim occupancy schedule generator cann’t be read by the component to convert EP schedule to values. The hourly values all disappeared …

Appreciate your advice if I forget sth important here!

  • Ji


Mostapha wrote the DAYSIM occupancy stuff before we had all of the E+ workflow in place so you have to use a slightly different set of components to access the values in the file:

See attached for an example.

-Chris (491 KB)

Thank you very much, Chris! I’ve revised the workflow accordingly.

  • Ji

Can we set working hours, like from 9 to 18h every working days.
Because the newest component is set default 9 to 17h. I give occupacyPeriod a panel “9 to 18”. but it doesn’t understand. Could you tell which format we should use?