Daysim shading setting in annual study

Hi all,

I have set illuminance levels for my blinds state (100-2000 lux) of my two SH groups. When the analysis is done and sensor points have been defined I check the annual shading profile. Results say that the shading systems are open for all the year.

I tried to do the annual study with the conceptual shading component and it works quite better giving me back an acceptable result.

Anyway I see that the electrical lighting power consumption is oddly low.

What mistake I’m not seeing?



If it can be useful *.ill files etc are here: (760 KB)

Hi Claudio. I’m traveling right now and cannot check your file, but couple of questions that might help.

  1. In case of dynamic blinds where do you put your sensors? There is a component that let you check the annual results for a single point during the year. You can use that to see if the sensor point ever reaches the threshold.

  2. What is the number that you defined for LP? Daysim does a simple multiplication between hours, lighting power, etc.


Hi Mostapha.

  1. I tried to apply that component you said. Actually it doesn’t work saing ‘Solution exception:KeyError’ I have provivded my test points as a tree with 6 branches (n items) and sensors as a another tree with 6 branches (1 item). This make my wonder about the correctness of my calc settings.

  2. Yes, everything is ok, but I mean that the dimmer index is low like 0,05 (doing the avarage through the working hours in the year).

Thank you!

PS: I guess I have come up with a solution about the LP, however, I still have some doubts for the shadings.

Hi Mostapha,

I tried to go deeper. Checking illuminance values in one point actually they get over the max threshold (2000 lx) but nothing happen. Down here I have attached the results.



hall_annual_study_00 (I).gh (810 KB)

Hi Claudio,

Can you upload the results for the latest file. I tried to use the results up there and looks like they don’t match.


PS: When you are running an analysis with dense shadings like your example you have to use higher quality for Radiance parameters. ab, aa, and ar are critical for accurate results. It has nothing to do for your question here though.

Of course, I will upload the results tomorrow. I’m going to do another study with better-quality parameters. I guess ‘medium’ (1) is good, I have no time to do that in high quality mode (2), the low-q takes me 3 hours.

Thank you,


Ok, the medium-quality study has taken me a little bit longer 40 hours (!).
To be sure that .gh and results matching I’ll upload the gh file as well.

As you can see in the file, I have modelled an office room out of my building to control as good as possible the external shading. Indeed the rest of the building is shaped making it simpler enough to not make my laptop-RAM explode (despite its good performances).

In the gh definition you will see 6 grids (5 in the building + 1 in the office test). I am not sure about results of the shading group 1 (windows) on the 6th grid which is of the office test.

This is the result-file:

Thank you very much,


hall_annual_study_00 (II).gh (811 KB)

Hi Claudio, Thank you for updating the file. I couldn’t check the files this weekend but I hope to get a chance to check them in the coming weekend. Nevertheless have you tried to run this analysis for a simple mode. A box with a simple shading or the example file that comes with HB?

Hi Mostapha, actually it is not my first time doing the annual analysis. I did your example file first, then some other simulation for single office rooms (always with advanced dynamic shadings). I read the details I found on to know what I was and I am doing as well, but I guess to be still in the dark about something.

Thank you

Hi Claudio, Great to know that you have done all that. I wish I had more time this month to help you more effectively. I will try to find few hours this weekend and check your files in detail. Sorry for not being that helpful this time.


No problem, I know that you have plenty of things to do, however, you spend a lot of time helping us here. Meanwhile I’ll complete other part of my thesis, don’t worry.

Thank you for your help

Hi Claudio, I’m doing an annual simulation of an office using advanced dynamic shading and I’ve the same problem you had: the shading system is always open. Did you find a solution?

Thank you