Debugging "The following sub-faces were not matched with any parent Face"

@Rotimy I believe you have correctly applied all the necessary steps, now the bad apertures (one at a time I believe) will be extruded so they can be identified and fixed on the rhino side of the model. Once all of the bad apertures have been fixed, the warning message will disappear like below

Great, thank you so much.

Hi, I will appreciate help with this. I created the roof of this model from Rhino as solid and I converted it to HBroom. I went further to intersect this “roofroom” with the existing model. I introduced adjacency between the roof and the model. The challenge I have is that floor of the attached roof is reflecting as external floor instead of showing as ceiling. I attached my script below as well. How can I convert the external floor to ceiling?


This is my script. The zone marked red is where I did the adjacency. Thank you in advance.

Hi everyone!
I have been able to resolve my model and I decided to check the model with HB validate model and I have one face out of plane as shown in the image below. What can I do to resolve this? My tolerance is at 0.01 and angle at 1? Thank you advance