Debugging "The following sub-faces were not matched with any parent Face"

@chris, is there an easier way to find out which apertures can’t be matched, than copying the aperture names from the warning message and parsing the input aperture list like this:

I think I made something that automates that so you don’t have to copy paste; writing this so I can look for it and not loose this post.

I definitely saved it as a user component but I name things dumb names have the time so have a hard time finding :sweat_smile:


    from ladybug_rhino import fromgeometry as fg
    bad_aps = [ sub for sub in sub_faces if sub.display_name in unmatched_ids ]
    for bad in bad_aps:
        a = fg.from_face3d_to_solid(bad.geometry,1)

I like to save a hb add subface as a ‘snippet’ with metahopper; and use this code because you just have to add an output and boom: shows bad subface geom


Wow, this saves a lot of time. Elegant

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the ‘extrude surface’ arg input in the fg.from_face3d_to_solid(bad.geometry,1) being a 1 may be a touch overkill but it definitely makes the bad subface geom stand out :sweat_smile:

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Excellent use of the SDK, @TrevorFedyna . If this becomes enough of a challenge, maybe we’ll add a more official way to get the geometries by identifier. This seems good for now, though.


I’m new so not clear about the solution- where and how do I input the python script in the Gh definition?