Deciding heatcool HVAC template for split system AC (cooling purpose only) in HB 1.1

Hi guys,

Which one that I can use in heatcool HVAC templates for modelling split system AC (cooling only)? In my country (Indonesia) this system is commonly used in house or even offices. Do you think I can choose ‘residential heat pump’?

As far as I know, heat pumps can be used for cooling and heating, and I just want to use it for cooling only in simulation. Or, maybe another option is more proper such as ‘residential AC with baseboard electric’? In my understanding, AC is only for cooling, but I am not sure about the definition of baseboard electric (I found many explanations about heater baseboard electric only on the internet)

HVAC heat cool

If you are trying to model a “cooling only” system, you should use one of the AC options to ensure that the cooling part of the system is modeled as you expect. It sounds like you want to use the “Residential AC with no heat” template.

Thanks Chris!

Yes I just need to model system for cooling only. After trying “heat pumps” and “residential AC with no heat” templates, I noticed that in idf, both templates apply “AirTerminal:SingleDuct:ConstantVolume:NoReheat” (as figure below)
Residential AC no heat

After that, I check input output reference about this idf input and I am not sure whether it can represent mini-split system for AC that I expect. Looks like “AirTerminal:SingleDuct:ConstantVolume:NoReheat” represents central system AC in residential. What I want to model is split system AC which is commonly used in my country: consisting of outdoor (compresor) and indoor unit (Fig below) with freon as refrigerant. And, I don’t know which one in HB template that can represent this, or at least, a template which is closed to it.
heat pump6

Also, I have studied window AC system and it uses PTAC input in idf which is closer to split system I think.

Could you please give explanation and suggestion about this?

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If the separation between evaporators and condensers is the key thing you are trying to model, then the VRF system is probably the template that you want to use. If you have one evaporator and one condenser per zone, then you’ll want to graft the input to the component applying the HVAC template to ensure there’s one VRF for each Honeybee Room.


Once again Thanks Chris! I think VRF is suitable.

Anyway, what is the Vintage input function in HVAC component?
vintage input

I notice that there is no input in HB Energy for now to customize HVAZ input like COP, etc. So, I tried to change reference in vintage input and expected the model would produce different energy consumption for HVAC. But, it produced the same results. Could you give some explanations about this?