Decompose Material Values


I created different radmaterials and created a new construction and realized that if I directly decompose the material I do not get any Values back. Only when I add it to the custom contruction libary, I can get values out of the decompose construction.
Is that intended?


I think it’s because the component is asking for the name of the construction, and not the construction itself :slight_smile:

But it might not even be the case, since the name is just a string in that model, and do not refer to anything else in any other files.
May I ask why that would be interesting?

we first had the problem that we would like to know the U-Value of our current construction and we didnt get any results. After further investigation i found out that adding it to the libary gives me results.

I just think it is a bit weird, that you first have to add the construction to the libary to get R and U-Value results instead of direct results from the current created construction, right? This why I am asking if this is intended or maybe a bug.

I see :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s a bug or intended…
A way around would be to make a custom block with the formulas from here

But the best would be to use the new ladybugTools, it’s actually doing what you’re looking for !

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True, I definitly need to do that. I am still working on Rhino 5 with the old ones, but I think I can upgrade to Rhino 6 :slight_smile:

Appreciate the answers!