Default material properties of createHBSurfaces


I have created a simple box model for daylight and energy simulation, using a Honeybee_createHBSrfs component.

Therefore, I would like to know the pre-defined energy plus values, such as R-value for Wall, and reflectance for when I assign it as window.

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Sample attached. (471 KB)

I was scrolling down the LB HB pdf primer and couldn’t find it. But your reply was faster. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Do window’s thermal properties directly follow the initial surface if it is made by using Honeybee_addHBGlz unless the EP construction is separately determined and connected to EPConstruction?

Maybe it’s here on HB label zone surface component that it has to be set true in order to check the u value of the external window right?

I am little bit confused but it seems like the default u-value of the window is 2.37 shown in the 2nd screenshot.

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Yes indeed. Set windows_ to True is the way to go about it. Honeybee_Decompose Based on Type shall be used as shown following to review geometry before running simulation.

Thank you very much for clarifying it.

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Hello your pictures and files can not be seen, can you please teach how to see the default material again?

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