Deference between honeybee and honeybeeplus in UDI results

Hello everybody,
I tried to calculate the UDI from both honeybee and HoneybeePlus
for a simple room with WWR of 0.3 oriented South, I noted that there is a deference in UDI results; the avarage perecentage of UDI100-2000 in honeybee is 75% and for HoneybeePlus is 0.13%! and when I tried to maximize the WWR from 0.3 to 0.9 with the three oreintations North/south/Est the UDI100-2000 in HoneybeePlus still less than the minimum threshold!
Please did I make a mistake somwhere? can someone explain to me the reasen why that big defence in results between honeybee and honeybeeplus? and why when I increase the window size the UDI in HoneybeePlus still always less than the minimum threshold !
I made a screenshot and I attached .gh file I hope to be useful and thank you in advance!
Best regads,
khaoula (519.9 KB)

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Please, Can someone reply to my question?