Defining a room with some interior separator walls

Hi everyone,
I wanna define a room with some interior separator walls but I don’t know how?
Because LBT wants Breps to be closed. Any idea? Thank you in advance.

sans theoretical solar radiation using the solar distribution method: FullInteriorAndExteriorWithReflections
I don’t see how that would have any influence on an E+ simulation?

What is it you are trying to do?

Hi dear @TrevorFedyna
I didn’t get exactly what you mean?
I just want to define a room with some interior walls (It’s an open office). But the geometry should be just a closed brep. I don’t know how to add those interior walls without facing error.

A wall not completely intersecting a space is not going to influence an energyplus simulation:

i.e cubicle deviders in an office space that is one open room: that is not somthing that is going to influence an E+ simulation.

The best you could do from what I understand your intent is:
would be to create individual rooms to comprise that entire room: using HB faces:
and assign airwall to the walls intended to not be opaque

see E+ docs here

Ah now I got what you mean. If they aren’t affecting E+ simulation, I’d better not to define them. Thank you so much dear @TrevorFedyna

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