Definition for Context in Honeybee[+]

Dear all,

This may be a really simple question but I was a bit confused by the definition of Context. My understanding for the Context is: a set of HBObjects that are written into RAD scene, so in parametric studies, these geometries will not be recreated again and again.

So is it right to say any geometry that are not changing in a parametric study can be put into Context? If so, for a room with a window and a roller shade, can everything except the roller shade be in context? For example, ground, surrounding buildings, the room walls, ceiling, floor, window glass panel will be in context, but the shade will be a window group with 2 states (shade up, shade down).


Correct! :+1: Just be careful with glass surfaces as all the surfaces in scene will be blacked out for direct studies.

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Thanks @mostapha!

My understanding is the glass surface means surface with transparent material or BSDF material?

If the glass surface (trans or BSDF) will be backed out for direct studies in 5-phase, does it make a difference to connect this surface in HBObject instead in Context? I am not quite sure what I should be careful with and would love to learn more! Thanks!