Degenerate surfaces Help!

Hi all, I’m new to rhino/ladybug/OS and am trying to get a simulation set up for a small multifamily building. I’m struggling to get the geometry to work, but I actually think it’s likely some non-geometry error at this point. Things have generally be very finicky from the start, lots of 3 vertices errors and such. I haven’t played with rhino too much, I should likely go back and look at some tutorials there so I can set up my geometry appropriately. However, rhino should really just be a visualization tool correct, if things are done correctly I should be able to do everything in grasshopper?

I’d really love some help, the ModelToOSM component is saying that I have 3 very small surfaces and subsequently 9 degenerate surfaces… I’m not sure how I’d be getting these tiny surfaces, but am struggling to find and get rid of them myself.

I’m using LB 1.2 – if anyone by chance could run this and see if they can’t reproduce the error/clue me in on what is going on here that’d be great. I attached a picture of the report output from ModeltoOSM and the .gh file. (200.4 KB)