Design Explorer does not preview

Hi, this is not extacly ladybug issue, however a lot of questions about Design Explorer were actually asked on this forum.

Since few days Design Explorer stopped previewing images. We usually use Google Drive links for data upload. I have also check local csv file upload with website hosting links to the images and the result is the same. All our links that we have made in the past work now in similar way - the data is displayed in parallel coordinates and 3d models are loading, but not images. Does anybody else also have this problem? If yes, did you reslve it somehow? Are there good alternatives to Design Explorer? The Thread by Thornthon Tomasetti is still in beta.

[Design Explorer 2 (]
(Design Explorer 2)

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From what I can see the data file is not available in the link that you shared.

The default sample works as expected!

Hey, Mostapha - please check this link - Design Explorer 2, googlde drive link - 240110 mill - Google Drive

Thank you for sharing the link. Maybe @MingboPeng knows a solution to this issue. This is a Cross Origin Request issue. Since the images are not hosted on the same domain the browser blocks them from being loaded.

I don’t know if there has been a change in the policies in the browsers and now you can’t do that for images too.