Design Explorer Not Uploading Data

Hi everyone, @MingboPeng

I have been trying to upload some data on Design Explorer with no success. I have followed the usual procedures before and managed to upload data before but somehow this time its not working.

The shareable data is found here

May you please assist?

Please check your header: image
you have two columns (headers) for image, but only “img_1” has image files. you put threeD files under img_2, and left threeD empty.
Just rename “img_2” to “threeD”, and remove column R will fix the problem.


Thanks a lot @MingboPeng, I realized where the error came from, I was intending to export 2 Named Views from the Rhino scene, and I had issues with the multiline command in the panel where the names of the views were typed. Thanks a lot!