Detailes thermal comfort analyses

Dear all,

I am trying to perform a detailed thermal comfort analyses with HB.

I have used some of the example files for learning how to create the code structure but I still have several issues if I want to personalize the code.

Think about a simple box with a couple of zones and a window for each zone. I would like to define all the parameters (U value, SGHC, etc.) without using the EP library. I found the components but I have some issues to combine them in a correct way.

Furthermore I would like to set my own schedules and internal gains, without using the default programs. I am quite sure it is possible because there are components which could fit this, but I have still not found a way to make it work.

Could you please help me?

My final goal would be to combine thermal comfort and daylighting analyses in order to find the best temperature set points according to glass properties.

Thanks everyone.


Hi Riccardo

Could you post your GH file and then in your GH file detail what you are having trouble with? Then I can try to point you in the right direction.

Hi Anton,

thanks for your reply.

I started from the Honeybee example file “012_Indoor Comfort PMV” and then I tried to change some parameters in order to obtain what I need.

I prepared a portion of my gh file with the thermal comfort section and some questions tasks about the main issues I have.

Any suggestion will be appreciate.


test forum.3dm (118 KB) (548 KB)

Hi Riccardo

I think this is what you want a few things

  • Most importantly you must make sure that all your Honeybee components are up to date. If they are not this can (and will usually) cause chaos make sure your honeybee components are up to date by downloading them from user objects on github here:

  • Ive outlined how to set schedules and loads in the GH file

  • Don’t use join to join your HB surfaces together you can simply put them into the Create Honeybee zone component



LightingComfort_v5_testAJS (569 KB)

Thanks for taking care of this, Anotn. Riccardo, I just wanted to let you know that there are many levels of detail to comfort analyses depending on how deep you want to go. For just a single time series of PMV for each room, you should use the example file that you started from and this video playlist as a guide:…

You can also get high-res maps of PMV over whole buildings if you want to get REALLY detailed and this example file shows you how:


Thanks Anton and Chris,

I will test and let you know my experience asap.

Thanks again,