Development Version of the LBT Grasshopper Plugin Now Uses Radiance 5.4a (2021-03-28)

Hello All,

I just wanted to make an announcement that is only for people staying up-to-date with the latest development version of the LBT Plugin using the “LB Versioner” component. So this does not concern anyone using the last stable release of the LBT plugin (version 1.2.0 directly from Food4Rhino).

We just finished upgrading the development version of the LBT plugin to use Radiance 5.4a from 2021-03-28 instead of Radiance 5.3 from 2020-09-03, which the last stable release uses. We have updated the compatibility matrix accordingly.

The changes to Radiance are not very big but there are two updates that Greg Ward (the author and BDFL of Radiance) has added in the last few months, which improve compatibility with the LBT Grasshopper plugin. First, Greg lifted a restriction on the number of modifiers in the rcontrib method, which gets used to model direct sun n the annual-daylight/radiation recipes as well as the direct-sun-hours recipe. The previous restriction of 9999 modifiers would previously cause a simulation failure when using Weas with a timestep greater than 2 so upgrading to the new Radiance means that this will no longer happen. Furthermore, Greg fixed a bug that Mostapha helped report on the Radiance forum, which ensures that all features of the Falsecolor component that’s currently in the development version of the plugin will work.

Nevertheless, these changes mean it is harder for people to jump back and forth from the latest development version of the LBT plugin to the last stable release. In case it’s helpful, the last development version that works with Radiance 5.3 from 2020-09-03 is LBT 1.2.46. So you can always plug 1.2.46 into the versioner component to get the last LBT version that’s compatible with Radiance 5.3 from 2020-09-03.