DF-UrbanOpt double skin facade

Hi all,
I´m working on a Dragonfly model and need to add a double ventilated facade with EIFS. Is there any way to simulate this in DF-UrbanOpt?
Thanks in advance.
DF-UrbanOpt DSF

Having worked with DSF myself I’m curious about this, since Dragonfly treats buildings based on each story as a unit, then the convection dynamics of a ventilated facade would be lost, I guess.

Can anyone else confirm these thoughts? There must be some workaround.

You can do this using the Dragonfly Rooms-to-Stories-to-Buildings workflow that you see in this tutorial video:

You’ll just be setting up an exterior Room to have natural ventilation. And then you solve adjacency between that and the rest of the rooms in the story.

Granted, if you want my opinion about how this case “should” be modeled, I would bet that the detailed ventilation controls of a DSF are not going to have a significant impact on energy use at the urban scale. You can probably just model the DSF as a thicker tripe-pane construction (with in-between shades/blinds if they exist) and this would be almost as accurate as separating out the DSF as its own Room with its own ventilation.

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Hi Chris,
Thank you for tips! I´ll try them.
I´m interested in reducing anthropogenic heat from buildings heat emissions to ambient air so I thought that this double facade would shade the wall and help to low its tempeature with the ascending air flow.