DGNB certification / Annual relative useful light

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has anyone (especially amongst our german friends) ever had to demonstrate compliance to credit Soc1.4 of the DGNB certification scheme ?

I am particularly interested in the “annual relative useful light” indicator, which seemed to be easily calculated in the old Dialux (https://dialux4.support-en.dial.de/support/solutions/articles/9000112817-how-can-i-calculate-the-annual-relative-utilization-lighting-c)

I’d be quite happy to model this indicator but I can’t figure out what it is actually measuring.

Here are some extracts from the english translation of the DGNB book (Offices Version Core14) :slight_smile:

Any idea what 60% of annual relative useful light could mean ?

As a guess I would do the spatial average of the ratio (cumulative lux.hours on each test points / cumulative lux.hours outside)…

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cc: @PeterZatko, @MohammadHamza

Sorry for the late reply, the option 2) refers to occupancy time with given threshold level, so it´s basically Daylight Autonomy. You need to go through a lot of code to get to it but it´s this:

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The pdf is not clear. Could you post another picture or could you explain it?