DGP analysis generating low results for work surface with direct sunlight

Hello All!

I am running glare analysis and assessing work stations. Most things look reasonable with sun and sky in periphery throughout the year, etc.

However, when the sun hits directly hits the work surface, it states that glare worse case is imperceptible at 31%. This is not reasonable.

For arguments sake I increased the transparency of the glazing to 90%, made the work surface 95% reflectance and set the complexity of the analysis to high. I am still only getting a DGP of 31%. That’s crazy. 70% of people are not going to find that a comfortable glare condition. Would like hear thoughts of what could be done to tweak things to produce a more accurate result or if I am not taking something into account.


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Hallo @charkitect,
what you see on the screen in your Glare analysis, is the reduces contrast on the monitor from your sightview, depending from a direct or reflected sunlight on your desktop, and this is calling “Veiling Glare”.
This is why you don’t come to have an intolerable DGP.
In the Glare component, you will also find the “L Veil” output which will tell you the value that you need to evaluate the problem you set out above.

Surely some expert will answer you who will explain it better.

Hope It helps.