DHW Change in EP?; Error in reading load balance

Hi all,

I am getting a strange error for the load balance from the hot_water output.

“1. Solution exception:Input data collections for Service Hot Water do not seem to be of the correct type: Water Use Equipment Heating Energy”

Has the name changed in the EP report and would that be why the LoadBalance component is not reading correctly?

I am running a monthly sim on about 100 structures using the DF UrbanOpt component → RoomEnergyResult → LoadBalance. Only the DHW data is not being read correctly. All else is good.

The energy for water heating is appearing under DH, as expected.

Maybe this is something I previously knew and recently forgotten. The answer is to plug in the data from the domestic hot water at the RoomEnergyResult component into the heating in LoadBalance. This works for reading the results. Thanks, me.

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