Difference between 1.6.0 and 0.0.67

Hi, I’m watching a youtube tutorial Grasshopper Tutorial: Changing facade depending on sun (with Ladybug) - YouTube but he has used the older version of Ladybug. How do I follow the tutorial with the new version? I can’t find tools like Ladybug_ladybug or the Ladybug_Radiation analysis. Could someone please clarify their equivalents in 1.6.0?

Hi @Funso,

When you download the new version of LBT it comes with a folder called samples.
Her you can find setups for different workflows.

And here you can find tutorials:

Did you slove this problem?I have the same trouble. Did you figure out a better way to know what difference between old and new?

Hey, no I still don’t know the difference but I’ll use the Ladybug Tools tutorials and see how far I can go working with the files in the Samples folder. The direct_sun_study.gh (like the others in samples) has the things you need already laid out. So far the names of the components are different, but based on the video I’m following the points I need to connect still have the same names. So it should work out okay. But, his answer is a good place to start.

I would also recommend the tutorials here if you’d like tutorials specifically using the new components: