Difference between Dynamo and Grasshopper

Ladybug Tools for Dynamo and Grasshopper are equivalent? Could we find same tools in both environments. I would like to start to use Dynamo and I need to be sure that I do not lost any tools.
Thanks you for your help.

Hi - this should at least partially answer your question:

The Dynamo plugins have been in the similar category as Butterfly. While we are very happy with the overall implementation and how we managed to pull off the initial releases the plugins, it still needs stronger integration with Revit. Also, Dynamo’s limitations have stopped us from improving data visualizations. We also don’t have as strong of a community of Dynamo users. As a result the project will stay in “Almost Worked” category until we can address these issues.


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At this point you will. If you have access to Grasshopper/Rhino I strongly suggest to use our plugins for Grasshopper.