Difference between v1.2 and v1.3

Hi all,

it seems that v1.3 is using the pre-released version of radiance. How much is the difference between v1.3 and v1.2?

I am using version 1.2 now, but I couldn’t downgrade the radiance from 5.4a to 5.3. I’ve tried to delete the radiance folder and reinstall again, but it didn’t work.

The newer version of Radiance has some nice features that we make use of in the newer LBT plugin, though they are relatively advanced. I can’t remember all of them but a big one is that we can now run simulations with Weas at timesteps other than 1 (eg. every half hour).

Uninstalling and reinstalling Radiance should be pretty straightforward. More info on the differences in LBT 1.3 can be found here:

Hi @chris , is the radiance 5.4a (pre-released version) safe to run the simulation?

Yes. In fact, it is required that you run Radiance from 2021-3-28 or later to have full functionality with the latest LBT plugin. See the compatibility matrix here:

Thanks for your reply. I am just wondering since it say pre-released (sound like it’s under development), so I may rather use latest released one.

Yes, the Radiance release nomenclature is not the clearest and inherits some habits formed way back when Radiance was first released (before the Internet was even a thing). Greg calls them “pre-releases” but they are essentially fully functional releases. So you should feel free to use them just like the “official” releases.