Difference in the daylighting illuminance between two simulation with the same conditions?

Dear all,
I run two simulations with two layouts as shown in this figure:

In the simulation, they have the same conditions for daylighting simulation, like materials, WWR and weather file. The workflow is also the same. Everything is the same except for the locations of different functions in the two simulations for the two layouts.

Office-5 and office-6 have the same locations, so I assume that they should have the same daylighting illuminance. But when I compare their daylighting simulation results (lux), the results are slightly different, as shown in the following figures:

(the daylighting illuminance on 1st Jan, left is office-5 in layout-g, and right is office-5 in layout-h)
(daylighting illuminance on 1st Aug, left is layout-g and right is layout-h)

My simulation file is huge… (4500 KB). So I did not upload the GH file.

Does anyone have any idea about this difference?

Kindly Regards

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