Differences between "ventilationPerArea" and "ventilationPerPerson"

Hi all,

By using the “Honeybee_Set EnergyPlus Zone Loads”, if I want to set the whole zone’s machanical ventilation rate, should I use both the “ventilationPerArea” and “ventilationPerPerson” together?

Or are these two inputs actually the same thing that
“ventilationPerPerson"×"numofPeoplePerArea”=“ventilationPerArea”? So should I only input one at a time?

Hope someone can help me with this question, thank you in advance.

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@skyly It is a simple question. According to ASHARE 62.1-2010, outdoor air flow is sum of the ventilationPerArea and ventilationPerPerson.


Hi @minggangyin, thank you for the reply! The table is really helpful.