Different input way of "Climatebased Sky" between two version

Hi @chris,

I have some questions about the use of the “Climatebased Sky” battery in different versions.
I conducted a same daylight simulation in both VER 0.0.66 and LBT 1.6.0, but the .sky file generated by two version are quite different.

The radiation values from the two files are different although I chose the same day and the same hour. So, I back to the .epw file and find that VER 0.0.66 generated the sky according to the data from Jan-01 11:00 (the time I input), but the LBT 1.6.0 generated the sky according to the data from Jan-01 12:00.

(↑↑↑VER 0.0.66)

(↑↑↑LBT 1.6.0)

I know the input range of “hour input” of this component in VER 0.0.66 and LBT 1.6.0 is different: [1-24] and [0-23.999…], respectively. But I’m a bit confused by this input. Is there a bug? Or I just need to input “one hour earlier” in the LBT version?

Sorry, my .epw file is too large to upload, so I just upoload my .gh file.
case0306.gh (534.1 KB)


Hi @S_hertz,

I think this thread would be of interest to you and may help answer your question

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